Xiki: Expand your Command Line!

Xiki makes the shell console more friendly and powerful

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One-line Installer:

Copy and paste this into your shell console to install Xiki Shell (xsh)!

Expand commands

Type Ctrl+X in your favorite shell (bash or zsh etc), and youll expand the command in xsh (Xiki Shell). Then you can type to filter down the output. No need to pipe to grep.

Wiki inspired

Xiki runs in your text editor, so everything is editable text. Type commands anywhere. Edit the output. (Vs. typing commands at the bottom, and read-only output.) Intermix menus, headings, bullet points, wherever you want. Xiki == executable wiki.


Check out the screencast to see Xiki in action. This is the best way to get a feel for it.


Create menus to access other tools just by typing. If the menu doesn't exist, xiki guides you through creating it.

Shell + GUI

Xiki merges shell and GUI concepts. Commands can have nested menus. Menus are just text indented by 2 spaces. Use the mouse or keyboard, whichever you prefer.


Go to github.com/trogdoro/xiki to check out the code and install Xiki.

Chat with us

Join us on Discord or Google Groups for help getting Xiki installed, or to ask other questions or share ideas.


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